Safe Services

Safe & Lock Services (NZ) Ltd provides the following safe services and stocks a large range of safe models and brands. These come in a variety of sizes and styles, click here for more information on safe types.

Safe Supply, Delivery & Installation

We provide a full range of safes to meet any customers needs. We specialise in the delivery and installation of safes. We have the necessary experience and the equipment required to move a safe into position, level, align and bolt down if required.
Safe Catalogue

Safe Opening

Our technicians are experts in safe locks and safe drilling. We can find the quickest and easiest way to access a safe or vault with the least amount of damage. We will replace parts and make full repairs.

Safe Servicing

Much like a car it is highly recommended that your safe is serviced every 12 months. Servicing can help prevent faults occuring with the safe and it's locking mechanisms. More

Combination & Battery Changes

We recommend that safe combinations are regularly reprogrammed, on average this should be completed once every six months or when staff changes occur. Battery life will depend on usage but these should also be replaced every six months on average.

Lock Upgrades

We are able to upgrade most key and combination dial lock safes with digital locks. These can be single, dual or multi user access. We can install stand alone units or locks on a network, ideal for organisations with multiple branches.

Safe Relocations & Removals

Our technicians understand the safety risks involved in moving large and heavy safes. Ensuring the safety of our employees as well as protecting our customers and their property is our highest priority.

Safe Rental

We have a number of safe options available for both short term and long term hire. We will deliver, install, assist with combination programming and then remove the safe once the rental period has ended.

Safe Refurbishment and Storage

We have the capacity to store safes on a short term or long term basis at our secure safe storage facility in Albany, Auckland. We can also fully refurbish your safe for use at a future site.