Security Services

Along with Safes and Locks we provide a wide range of additional security products and services.

Security Window Film

Security Window film can be applied to your premises to protect from shattering. This can be retrofitted to your windows. We can provide clear film as well as frosted, opaque, mirror and patterned.

Security Grilles and Bars

We can supply made to measure security bars and grilles to protect your windows and doors. These can be custom made to your specific requirements, powder coated and installed.

Anti-Ram Bollards

Anti-ram bollards are designed and installed to protect from vehicle forced entry. Anti-ram bollards can be static or removable to provide authorised access.

Security Mirrors

We supply a full range of security acrylic mirrors including half dome and various other sizes.  Official stocklists of Bennett Duravision Mirror.

Door Viewers

Wide angle viewing scapes and standard door viewers can be retro-fitted to your premises. These allow for extended vision of visitors without opening the door.